how to make ball gown cutting and stitching in 2022

 How to Make a Petticoat for ball gown step by step 2022(Tutorial)

The secret to full skirts and gowns is a petticoat. Unlike a crinoline cage or hoopskirt, which is made from rows of interconnected hoops, a petticoat is composed of layers of gathered fabric.

" Where to buy crinoline petticoat How to make a Petticoat for ball gown step by step 2020" Store-bought petticoats can get very expensive, and there is no guarantee that they will fit the length of your skirt and dress order here now.

here is easy to make a petticoat at home

Our lesson today about how to tailor wedding dress or Barrage 2022 or as Ash vernacular accent does not matter the name is an important to model as it exists in the image of this dedicated lesson for those interested and interested in learning tailor wedding dress as you go back to previous lessons to learn more

5 steps to make a petticoat wedding dress Petticoat 2022 

  • 1-choose clothes 
  • 2. Choose the number the Petticoat
  • 3- way shear 
  • 4. Installation Procedure  
  • 5. The method of making the model fits with all sizes 

 1. Choosing the right fabric for this model to work 
As we know, all workers in this field know that the type of cloth that fits with this model should be somewhat this to be tough and thick cloth hard to result in this model and gives the desired shape 

2. Choose the number of petticoats
It is very important before you start in the detail of this model you should or have you made a decision to choose the number on a revolving required size but we recommend that you always have the shape is beautiful and uncertainty and suitable to be choosers four pieces from the front and four from behind gives a beautiful shape and stylish 

3 - How to cut petticoat wedding dress 
Shear method is a very easy way and very special where you should take into account that this author of DoubleClick any of this means that there is from the inside and is the basis and shape as you see either the internal shape for all knows how the story and installation is very easy,

but outside there is a way where you must Reactive these pieces matching some before sewing you must install worn them but equally along the piece and diagonally and are advised to install five on each piece from top to bottom according to your desire and then when cutting assembly and sewn

should you sew two pieces each on each other face any On the other side it cannot be stitched normally because this will not allow you to be a model and must be installed after external internal normal and install on some 

5.The method of making the model fits with all sizes 
Either way make the model fit with all sizes, this is very easy from the waist you must be into that size is a size 44 or 46 and then is fitted elastic band biggest size up to size 44 and less size up to 34,

 and this is very possible that you have good quality of this tape and the tape is usually the size of the display means 3 or 4 cm this makes the model fit with all sizes practical. Further information on models 

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